House Demolition

When it comes to house demolitions, we can have them down in as little as a week.

Once the demolition is complete, we will leave your property completely tidy and clear. We take pride in leaving things in a clean manner.

If you have any asbestos on your property, we are fully licensed to take care of that too.

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For commercial projects, we service the entire Queensland area.

We are based on the Gold Coast, but our excavators and other demolition equipment are easily transportable. This means we can work all over the state quickly and economically.

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Woodstock Demolition has extensive experience  in completing demolition projects for schools and government buildings.

Our unrestricted demolition license means that we can quickly complete work on either of those services or a combination of the two.

We always treat health and safety as the highest priority for onsite workers and the general public.

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At Woodstock Demolition, we are serious about recycling.

We aim to recycle up to 80% of all demolished property whenever possible. Since we take the time to salvage more materials, it keeps the cost of demolition lower for you.

When we provide you with a free quote, we will make an allowance for salvageable property and equipment. This is just another way you receive added value by choosing Woodstock Demolition.

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Knowing When to Demolish or Not

Whether your property has been damaged by a natural event or another occurrence, sometimes you may not be sure what the best option to do is.
Demolishing a damaged property for rebuilding has many benefits over renovating, which include:
  • You’ll receive a more significant warranty on a new building structure rather than a repaired one.
  • Peace of mind knowing there is no risk of not replacing something in the building that could potentially cause further problems.
  • It allows you to make a fresh start.
  • It may surprise you to know that for buildings heavily damaged by fire or flood, it may also be the cheapest option.
For safe and economical completion of your next demolition project, big or small, choose Woodstock Demolition.