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Whether you need a retail store or large commercial space stripped for refurbishment, Woodstock Demolition is your company of choice.

At Woodstock, we have plenty of experience working at commercial sites. We’ll leave your property clean so that your builders and decorators can come straight in after us to get to work.

We have completed many projects for office and shop locations around Brisbane and Queensland. We are proud of our impeccable safety record and excellent reputation for completing tasks on time.

We can complete work outside of regular business hours too. So whether you need work done on weekends or at night, Woodstock Demolition will get it done.

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Benefits of hiring professionals for shop strip outs include:

We have the right equipment.

We are experienced and have the correct knowledge.
Entire rubbish cleanout is included.


At Woodstock Demolition, we are serious about recycling.

We aim to recycle up to 80% of all stripped property whenever possible. Since we take the time to salvage more materials, it keeps the cost of strip outs lower for you.

When we provide you with a free quote, we will make an allowance for salvageable property and equipment. This is just another way you receive added value by choosing Woodstock Demolition.